What is the Psychozoic Era?

For thousands of years people have used terms like the age of Christ which demonstrate a different reality than we know today. It’s a term that allows us to put ourselves and try to understand what happened during that time. Times have changed and we are entering a new perspective, a new age. A certain part of the population associates itself more with spirituality which leads to the dematerialization of their way of life. Let Adam Fata introduce you to the Psychozoic Era, the era of mind.

The Psychozoic Era is really connected with energies. Positive and negative, they affect a lot of our behaviour. These energies push us to dominate our evolution in order to achieve harmony: happiness. All of these energies and emotions that live inside our body can be controlled only by you. You can take control of your life by directing these energies.

The Psychozoic Era is what will bring you prosperity, peace of mind and happiness in your life. Adam Fata can guide you through the process of building your own reality as he did it for himself. By adopting the Psychozoic Era his lifestyle changed, his habits, as well as his attitude. It’s a simple open-minded concept that allows us to put aside the toxic environment that takes over us and our entire life.

In short, the Psychozoic Era is a lot of work on ourselves to be happy with what surrounds us, regardless of the energy of the events. It’s a mindset that allows you to connect with yourself and create something new. This new way of thinking helps you to let go of your illusions and to evolve by overcoming challenges. Every thought has its kind of energy and how we respond to it determines whether we will have success, failure, or defeat – everything is up to you.

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My whole life I wanted to do my own business. I had ideas and I tried to execute them as far as I could, and I really got nowhere until the at the age of 28. I started my 1st business/franchise and for 10 years I continued on that path.

At the age of 38 I couldn't handle it. I had to sell my business. I was not happy, and I had negative thoughts about my life and business, I felt miserable. I could see that it was affecting my life, my wife and kids who I love very much.

So much was going on in my life and one day I woke up and I couldn't walk. I had problems in my knees and that gave me no choice but to stay at home. Both my business partner and I decided it was time to move on from my current lifestyle. It took about a year, and we sold the business, and I was super excited to start my new adventure.

In 2018 I had some ideas and I followed them but I got nowhere and then finally, I got involved in another company and I thought this was it. I found my purpose. But look at irony I was in the same situation that I was in before not happy. I had enough and wanted to understand why this was happening and why I was attracting negativity in my life. So, I started to understand more about the mind and the law of attraction. What I needed to do was to stop this cycle I was in of being not happy.

In 2019 I decided to spend time understanding the law of attracting and the mind in order to find my purpose and understand why this was happening. Moving into the subconscious mind and super coincided mind, I stumbled onto the Psychozoic Era and everything, I was trying to accomplish was all explained with the Psychozoic Era, the age of the mind.

Our thoughts control our outcome, and we need to gain control of our mental attitude in order to attract what we want and be what we want.

We are in the age of the mind, the Psychozoic Era. In order to create anything new in your life, you have to understand and acknowledge experiences and why they have happened. And put our past behind you if you want to find your purpose. Or you will be stuck in the cycle/loop and continue to experience the events of your past.

The Psychozoic Era was created to explain the importance of having a positive mind and atonement in all life areas.

In all life transitions good or bad we need support, having the support of the Psychozoic Era and its community will guide you through your life.


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