What is your life purpose?

Aug 18, 2022

Who am I?  Where do I belong? When will I feel fulfilled? What is my purpose? – Are you looking for these answers in your life? If yes, this article is for you. The purpose is something that influences your behavior in everyday life in a way to attain a certain goal. If you don’t have a purpose, it usually leads to depression and anxiety in your life. Waking up every morning with an intention to do something good for yourself or others is what makes life joyful and happy. In this article, we will throw some light to explain to you some ways that can help you to find your purpose in your life.


  1. Find out what makes you happy: There may be some things that bring you the ultimate joy of your life. It can be a hobby or any of the interests that you have. For example, some people like to cook, you can turn that interest to be something in your life. You can be a chef, or you can run a restaurant, or maybe you can start blogging about food. Doing something that you love to give you a purpose to wake up every morning with a smile and you are motivated to achieve something. So, find out what makes you happy and the things that you love to do. It will help you find your purpose.


  1. Read: Reading connects us to so many people and stories that we never heard of. Many people around the world found their purpose by reading. It helps to discover ideas that you never thought of, and it gives a foundation to find your true purpose. For example, a study was conducted in England by Leslie Francis in which they studied 26,000 teenagers throughout England and Wales and found that those who read the Bible more tended to have a stronger sense of purpose. This proves that reading gives you a direction to find your purpose.


  1. Tell your story – Reading can help you find your purpose and so as writing. Writing about the obstacles that you face in your life and how you overcome these obstacles, what are the strengths that help you to overcome them? Did you get some help from someone to overcome them? Writing about all experiences gives us a sense of our own life. And in the end, we are on this beautiful planet to experience life. When we write about our experiences, it also helps us to learn about ourselves. And don’t limit yourself to writing only about your experience, write about your everyday goals and plan to achieve those goals. For example, every night before sleeping makes a plan for what you want to achieve the next day. It can be anything from exercise to read a book and to meet your friends. Writing gives you a chance to narrate your own story and your experiences may be helpful for others who are going through rough times in their lives.


Finding your purpose can be a long process, but once you find your purpose, you will open so many doors of opportunities that you never thought existed.